Rojasio Alzaro
Rojasio Armesto Alzaro Gracia
Rojasio Alzaro,3335
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Granda
In office
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Marcencio Alzaro
Personal details
Born Rojasio Armesto Alzaro Gracia

6 December 3295

Died 7 December 3337
Cause of death Murdered by poison
Nationality People's Republic of GrandaGranda
Political party Communist Party of Granda
Spouse(s) -
Relations Marcencio Alzaro(Younger brother)

Ernesto Alzaro(Father)

Maria Quesana(Mother)


"Distant wars, these days, are no threat. But don't let internal fights be presented. If a Grandan kills each other, that's in vain. The anthem will remain for no one."

-Rojasio Armesto Alzaro Gracia

Rojasio Alzaro in his office

Rojasio Alzaro in his office.

Statue of Rojasio Alzaro

Statue of Rojasio Alzaro.