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Republic of Montana
Republica Montană
Flag of Montana Coat of arms of Montana
Motto: Politicianul În Mașină

"The Politician in the Machine"

Anthem: Pe Arma Mea

"On My Weapon"

 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Eridana  
 - Region Concorda  
 - Capital Hoțin  
 - Largest city Hoțin  
Official languages Montanan
Regional Languages Magyar


Ethnic groups 44%   Montanans
  25%   Magyars
  24%   Malizians
  4%   Romanis
  3%   Others
Demonym Montanan
Religion Orthodoxy
Government Parliamentary democracy
 - President Alexandru Dumitru
 - Prime Minister Florin Gabor
Legislature National Assembly
 - Upper house Senate 
 - Lower house Chamber of Deputies 
 - Formation 26 April 1882 
 - Monarchy overthrown 18 May 3628 
 - Total 14,776,411 (November 3655)  
 - Total 107,702 (November 3655)  
 - Percentage (November 3655) 100%  
 - Total SC$12.46B (November 3655) 
 - Production per capita SC$4.37M (November 3655) 
 - Federation Soviet Federation
 - Common Market UniSov World Trade
 - Empire None
Nominal Value US$33.99 (November 3655)
Currency Himeră (H/.) (MTH)
Internet TLD .mt
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the right
URL Montana in Simcountry.

Montana (Montanan: Montană), officially the Republic of Montana (Montanan: Republica Montană), Is a country in Kebir Blue.


Economic crisis

The economic crisis of 3620 in Kebir Blue caused the value of the himeră to plunge. The Montanan government tried to impose austerity measures to stabilize the economy and restore the value of the himeră. However, this has caused the eradication of the middle-class, widening wealth gaps and skyrocketing corruption.

Overthrow of the monarchy

On May Day of 3628, Montanans took to the streets of Hoțin to protest the country's government and living conditions. The Montanan government responded with gunfire that killed 1,000 people. The protests lasted for seventeen years with anti-government militias seizing government buildings and the royal palace which forced king Claudius CCXVII and his dynasty to run for their lives to Greenwood.

Republic proclaimed

Acting prime minister Horațiu Petran announced the abolition of the monarchy and declared the country a republic and himself as president. The government also put the previous government and military staff to trial for embezzlement and war crimes. This triggered a wave of crises in the country.

Hemeeni revolt

In July, Hemeeni and its surrounding cities revolted against the new government. The protesters soon seized government buildings in Hemeeni and declared the county an independent state and appoints Claudius CCXVII - who was exiled in Greenwood at the time - as king. Claudius CCXVII did not support the self-proclaimed independent country. Which led the revolt to be crushed in four months with the loss of 40,000 lives.

Șpini riots

In January of 3629, riots broke out in the town of Șpini. The mobs targeted ethnic Malizians accusing them of triggering the overthrow of the country's monarchy. The riots killed an estimated 2,000 Malizians in the city.

Shelling and bombing of Gherăc

After the riots, several Montanan intelligence agencies soon trace the Șpini rioters back to the city of Gherăc. In response, the Montanan government - a hard-line government - ordered its military to bomb and shell the city. This resulted a wave of protests in cities across northwestern Montana that caused president Petran to resign and the government replaced with a moderate one led by Constantin Grigorescu. The bombing and shelling of Gherăc ended for two months with an estimated 15,000 casualties.

Petran's trial

Immediately after the new president was appointed in March, the Montanan government arrested Petran and members of his government and military staff for war crimes during the shelling of Gherăc. the trial last for three months with Petran sentenced to life in prison. Supporters of Petran rioted in Hoțin after the sentencing. The riots lasted for two days that resulted in 128 deaths.

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