Red Rising War
Grandan human wave attack
Grandan human wave attack.
Date  16 October 3361 - 2 January 3363
Location Carmes Pact countries and UCAC countries

Council of Centau-mediated ceasefire

  • All immigrants were sent back to Carmes Pact countries
  • All area that Carmes Pact countries occupied were returned to UCAC countries

People's Republic of GrandaPeople's Republic of Granda

Republic of Una Coloda
AdelaPeople's Republic of Adela Kingdom of Balata Dos
PerlaPeople's Republic of Perla Republic of Mendos
SuertaPeople's Republic of Suerta Commonwealth of Xiloto
Republic of Dolterra
Commanders and leaders
Marcencio Alzaro Andriano Hernandez
Lujas Guerrada Mondos Ventos
Emilio Amiga Lynsey Medvic
Juan Ochoa Owi Adubwe
Dorothy Beauward
Casualties and losses

Carmes Pact countries : 500,000+ killed, 1,000,000+ wounded

   UCAC: 210,000+ killed, 640,000+ wounded