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The Provisional Government of the Soviet Federation was established in 3251. It replaced The Centralem as the governance system of the Soviet Federation on Kebir Blue. The NDP-Labour coalition government voted to replace the system with a more centralised executive and a more decentralised legislative.

Soviet Parliament was dissolved in October 3251, and shortly thereafter al Soviet political parties officially deregestered. The provisional government was formally headed by Socialist Union of Farr and the Federal States of Plato, though the only powers these members held was to initiate foreign and domestic policy directives, respectively.

The provisional government continued for a longer period than expected. In November of 3265 a referendum was held to determine whether or not the current system and its leaders still had the confidence of the population. The voting took place at the local level, and the requirement to pass was at least 60 per cent of the population yes in more than 60 per cent of the states. Roughly 70 per cent of states that voted approved the government, and the detailed results are as follows:

Member State Vote (per cent)
Socialist Union of Farr 68.38
Federal Republic of Plato 89.50
Coastal Rock 63.50
United Kingdom 47.35
United Soviet Empire 73.87
Soviet Malizi 64.98
Union of Camden 55.48
West Volusia 67.44
East Volusia 52.15
Starayan Republic 43.22
Duchy of Napolette 87.75
Azurnereich Empire 75.50

In 3277 a coup d'état was launched which replaced the government of Devlin and Emily. Lego managed to get a motion passed which declared two new co-premiers, Lego and Tony. This government quickly worked to disassemble the Provisional working in order to find a suitable replacement. As a result, the Second Soviet Constitution was created by Devlin, and in 3284 elections were held to replace the provisional government. This new period of Soviet history was called The League.

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