Provincial Sovereignty Act 3536
Coat of arms
Long Title The granting of Provincial autonomy for The Republic of White Highlands and The Union Of Kinsek through the Highlandic Federation.
Date 14th March 3536
Territorial Extent The Republic of White Highlands

The Union Of Kinsek

Status: Defunct Legislation
Provincial Sovereignty (also referred to as provincial supremacy or local sovereignty) is a prominent political concept of constitutional law entrenched within the Sovereign Federation of White Highlands. It states that regardless of the administrative system at the time, the perogative powers of the sovereign state remain within the sovereignty and admission of the Provincial States. The Convention, one of the few codified articles within the Highlandic Constitution. States that the local legislative bodies, the Provincial Assemblies. Hold absolute sovereignty over the executive, judiciary and federal legislative.


The Purpose of Provincial Sovereignty was, firstly to establish a fair democratic system and process in which would allow the creation of a Swamplandian Union. It was argued that for the more moderate forms of Union, Republican politicians with a larger public mandate would be able to significantly outvote Kinsekian ones, as the Republic had a higher population.


The inital process for agreeing on Provinical Sovereignty originated from the left winged Soviet Party during the 3530 Republican Elections. Who favoured the continued growth of the Highlandic Federation from a international organisation into a closer political, economic and cultural union between the Republic of White Highlands and the Union Of Kinsek. This was apart of a continued drive to achieve at first a Confederal Union, and then later a Federal Union to bring the two countries together.

Although some inital oppostion was encountered in both of the national parliaments. Seperate votes were passed through the national parliaments of Kinsek and the Republic. Before long - a vote was brought before the Highlandic Federation. A a series of vast reforms were put into place across the countries.

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