Prosecutor General of Ruthenia
Γενικός Εισαγγελέας της Ρουθηνία
Emblem of the Prosecutor General
Established 4 January 3230
Country Ruthenia
Location Auronopolis
Authorized by Constitution of Ruthenia
Empire of Ruthenia
Ruthene CoA.png

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The Prosecutor General of Ruthenia (also Attorney General of Ruthenia, Γενικός Εισαγγελέας της Ρουθηνία) heads the system of official prosecution in courts known as the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ruthenian Empire. The Prosecutor General remains the most powerful component of the Ruthene judicial system.

The Office of the Prosecutor General is entrusted with:

  • prosecution in court on behalf of the State;
  • representation of the interests of a citizen or of the State in court in cases determined by law;
  • supervision of the observance of laws by bodies that conduct detective and search activity, inquiry and pre-trial investigation;
  • supervision of the observance of laws in the execution of judicial decisions in criminal cases, and also in the application of other measures of coercion related to the restraint of personal liberty of citizens.
  • The Investigative Committee of Ruthenia is the main investigating authority in Ruthenia, formed in place of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor General in 3231.

The Prosecutor General is nominated to the office by the Basileus and appointed by the majority of the Parliament. If the nomination falls the Basileus must nominate another candidate within the 30 days. The term of authority of the Prosecutor General is five years. The resignation of the Prosecutor General before the end of his term should be approved by both the majority of the Parliament and the Basileus.

The Prosecutor General and his office are independent from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of power.

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