Soviet System

A sparse diagram set in motion during the Petrograd Meetings

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In 3467 Premier Green introduced Proposal C, a document designed to articulate the new hypothetical relationship between the Soviet Federation and any interplanetary outposts.


In the 3465 election Green won on a mandate that, among many things, included a proposal to expand the influence of the Soviet Federation outside the home planet of Kebir Blue. This was something not worked on since the golden age of the AQT with NATO. Spek, who had left the United Autonomous Republics in 3253, reaffirmed interest in Soviet politics and became an ally of Green during the election. He promised to give up his revolutionary, academic, and charity work in order to pursue this project. Proposal C was drafted after several meeting in Petrograd, Staraya.


The initial structure proposed by Spek and Green consisted of the temporarily named "Alliance for Soviet Co-operation" operating as lateral to the Soviet Federation. The GenComm (or General Committee) of the ISC would run the outpost federation and report to the foreign minister of the federation. The elected chairperson of the ISC would maintain ties with the Soviet Premier. Other forms of informal connection would be not only encouraged but expected.

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