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Proposal for PROJECT 3500

The Soviet Federation will be run more like a municipal government. Each member has the right to vote in elections but referenda will disappear completely from general governance. Instead, constituents will be represented by seven Council Members.

The basic premise is the same as two elements of American politics at various levels:

1. the Council is like the Senate where each state sends two senators

2. It is also like local government where there are numerous political factions or affiliations that must cooperate to get a task completed. Some are independents and others belong to blocs.


One Special Territory
Capital - 1 member
Three Administrative Devisions
Adanac (western) - 2 members
Vanguard (central) - 2 members
TBD (eastern) - 2 members

The basic premise is that if anyone wants to be involved in politics they will have to run for office. Candidates will run in any jurisdiction and voters can vote anywhere. All voters will have three votes which they can apply anywhere. They may even vote for the same candidate three times.

The end result will be that there will be seven Soviet members making decisions rather than the traditional setup of one premier, a small cabinet (irrelevant in decisions), and general membership (18-25 members) to vote on decisions. This is effectively a streamline.

Federal Council

7 members:

6 elected from the 3 ADs (Adanac, Vanguard, TBD) and 1 appointed from the Capital

Premier will be the leader of largest political alliance in the council and all matters will be handled by committees. Committees will be formed out of members from the council. Council members  may sit on as many committees as they consent to. They will be appointed to them by the premier.

Federal Council will make all laws and decisions based on public consultation but without any representation whatsoever.


Irregular terms but must be called every 20 years maximum.

Parties run candidates in ADs and the top two from each are given seats


The capital will move periodically (as before) however the territory that has the capital will be granted one seat in the Federal Council (roughly 15 per cent of the say).

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