Fürstentum Sawoie
Freie Aquitaner Fürstentum Sawoie
Flag of Savoy Seal of Savoy
Motto: Aquisshafen
Anthem: Für das Vaterland
Location of FSavoy
 - World White Giant  
 - Continent Auriga Bella  
 - Region Great Palms  
 - Capital Savoy  
 - Largest city Savoy  
Official languages Aquitanian
Regional Languages Prussian
Ethnic groups 62%   Aquitanian
  33%   Oirthir
  5%   Ardglassian
Demonym Savoyard
Religion Lux Templaerum
Government Parliamentary Monarchy
 - Fürstin Tallisibeth III
 - Kanzler Joffery na Sléibhte
Legislature Wollekotzrat
 - Upper house 14 
 - Lower house 28 
 - Formation 1248CE 
 - Independence 1248 
 - Savoy-Prussian War 1297 
 - Nordlanderbund 1323 
 - Incorporation 1500 
 - First Land Act 1789 
 - Second Land Act 3244 
 - Total 15,500,000  
 - Total N/A  
 - Percentage N/A%  
 - Total SC$N/A 
 - Production per capita SC$N/A 
 - Federation Aquitanian Empire
 - Common Market The Union CM
 - Empire Aquitanian Empire
Nominal Value US$N/A
Currency Aquitanian Mark
Internet TLD .sv
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the Right
URL [{{{url}}} Sawoie] in Simcountry.

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Savoy (Aquitanian: Sawoie)(Prussian: Savoia), officially the Free Aquitanian Principality of Savoy (Aquitanian: Freie Aquitaner Fürstentum Sawoie)(Prussian: Laisvas Akvitanijos Kunigaikštystė Savoia) is a one of the 10 Federal States of the 11 Imperial Entities that compromise the Aquitanian Empire. Savoy is the only Principality in the Empire and enjoys greater Imperial Privilages equal to the 4 Kingdoms compared to the other Grand Duchies. It is subdivided into 7 territories of which 5 are Duchies, one is a Province and the last is the city of Savoy, its capital and most populated city.

It borders the Grand Duchy of Weißland to the north, the City State of Königsberg to the northeast and Kingdom of Prussia to the South. Eventhough Savoy surrounds Königsberg completely with the Duchy of Karlingen, the city is completely autonomous and a separate Imperial Entity.

Savoy is highly populated, with an estimated 15,500,000 people living there, making it the second most populated state in the Empire after Prussia. Savoy, the capital, is the most populated city in Aquitania, with an estimated 10,400,000 people living there, or 67% of the state population. Half of the Oirthir Diaspora live in the Principality, with an estimated 5,115,000 Oirthirs, this due to the fact that Savoy received high amounts of refugees in its ports and the reigning Princess of Savoy is Tallisibeth III, former and rightful Serene Queen of East Heaven.

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