Prince Alexander's War

January 12th, 3243- January 15th, 3243


Hercula Major


End of Separatist Action, Hamura established


Legio X Hercula

Alabastan Separitist


Alexander Hohensteinburg von Souza

Lucius Hanicar




Casualties and Losses



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The War

During the last days of Empress Andrea’s reign, various separatist seized local bases, police stations in Alabasta. Alabastans, long despised the Constantine rule, always were the most rebellious but never took up arms in fear of retaliation.

Die Hard Separatist led by Lucius Hanicar , armed with pistols, swords, horses, roamed the Alabastan countryside destroying various temples and statues dedicated to the Imperial Family. Fresh out of the academy, and a fierce tactician, a young Prince Alexander commandeered a unit from Campos Miranda and headed for Alabasta. 

He was finally confronted with a small contingent of Legionaires with APC’s led by Prince Alexander, who was third heir to the throne. A small firefight broke out, starting the war. Hanicar retreated into the Bretagne Region,  hoping to destroy Alexander’s advantage of armor in the mountainous terrain. On Janurary 15th, Lucius Hanicar launched a surprise attack on Alexander’s soldiers, but due to better military experience, Hanicar became very hubris, allowing Alexander to divide his forces and flank him, effectively ending the rebellion.

Lucius Hanicar was pardoned by Empress Andrea, and was set free with the promise he will remain loyal to the crown. Prince Alexander was declared a national hero, and was sent to be tutored by his Uncle, Camilo Alexander. 

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