People's Army of Granda
Granda Red Army
People's Army of Granda
Founded 3328
Service branches PAG ArmyPAG Army
PAG NavyPAG Navy
PAG Air ForcePAG Air Force
PAG Strategic Missile ForcePAG Strategic Missile Force
PAG Space ForcePAG Space Force
Headquarters Carmes
Commander-in-Chief Cesar Herrazo
Minister of Defence Tito Duerte
Chief of the General Staff Marco de Castillo
Military age 18-50
Conscription 24-30 months
Active personnel 500,000+
Reserve personnel 4,500,000+
Budget N/A

People's Army of Granda is the national armed forces of People's Republic of Granda, also called "Red Army" and "PAG" for short. Originally of the PAG was the Granda Red Army founded in 3328 by Marcencio Alzaro to against the government army of Tirano during the Grandan Civil War, After the civil war the Granda Red Army re-established again as the People's Army of Granda. The current commander-in-chief is Cesar Herrazo.

PAG is one of the army The greatest in the world, with more than 5,000,000 personnel (this number included the reserve personnel). PAG consisted of five components: Army, Navy, Air Force, Strategic Missile Force and Space Force.

Rank Structure

See: Military ranks of  Granda

Soldiers of People's Army of Granda

Soldiers of People's Army of Granda

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