Patroklos Katsalidis
Born 28 of July, 3172, Tortossa
Died 31 May 3234, Tortossa
Profession Architect, CEO
Interests Architecture, Classical Writings, Design,
Titles Hypatios
Noble Family Katsalidis-Ionnantis

Patroklos Katsalidis (Tortossa, 3172-3234) its a Noble Architect and Hypatos of Ruthenian Empire, named by the Basileus Konstantinos I with the task of rebuild and beautify the new Imperial Capital of Auronopolis according to the new standards of the empire

He designed many imperial Buildings today in city wth a modern design, creating new districts and some of the emblematical constructions of the city, like the "Basilika trilogy" of educational buildings and some transports contribution.

For his contribution to Empire in the design of the city and its "selfless help in rebuilding the country", the Basileus named with the title of Hypatos

He died in 3234 at the age of 62

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