This is a list of suggestions for improving the PVP (Player vs player) warfare of Simcountry, due to the immense amount of forum discussion on the topic. All players are encouraged to add suggestions to this.

GC for Warring

  • The most natural reward, and one that's given out for almost everything else besides PVP.
  • How to allocate GC?
  • How to prevent fake warring just to run up huge bonuses?

Professional Soldiers/Officers for Warring

  • Similar in principle to the above - more flavourful, less useful.

In-World Rewards for Warring

  • Same idea as above two, but with SC$, population, etc. as rewards.

New Player Experience

  • Better tutorials, built into the game instead of buried in the forums.
  • Limit new players to certain worlds?
  • If limiting new players to some worlds, offer access to other worlds as a free reward instead of a GC sink?

Making Worlds More Different

  • Have econ-world vs war-world on a spectrum, instead of being binary like it is now.
  • Transition problems - what do you do with the existing players on existing worlds to be minimally disruptive?
  • Need to ensure space travel doesn't mess with the balance of the various worlds.

Ease of Use Changes

  • Allow multi-planetary federations.
  • Giant-sized units for ease of management and better RP value.

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