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In 3304 comrade Tony put forward PEPA to the federation. The idea of PEPA is to allow the premier / finance minister to publicly name countrys within the soviet federation who are struggling to maintain national indexs's. Quite simply it pressures struggling nations to up their game. If you like 'diplomatic pressure' altho of course the idea is not to put nations to shame but more aless make the federation aware who is falling behind and who may need help.

Of course PEPA has a second role, like the 1st applying pressure and ensuring nations meet the required pepa index values. But it also ensure those that are above the pepa values will maintain those values to avoid an embarrassment. Within a couple of sim years PEPA already proved to be working before it  was even put to work. Many nations began to increase index's up to the PEPA index's. Not to mention that by working with the PEPA values, it put's each nations index's either at or above the average index value. Somthing thats important to building a stable economy. The index's are as follows:

P.E.P.A index values:

Education : 120

Transport : 120

Health : 120

Welfare 112

Social security: 102 ( 80% )

Employment : 87%

All these values are average values for index's. Any country below these values should be named and shamed each wednesday evening, untill the country meets the PEPA values. Of course the finance minister will offer support to each country named and will always be open to questons.

For recomendations on a good solid index value, you should contact the finance minister.

How it works:

If a country has been caught out by PEPA and is named on a wednesday, it will look like the following.

(we shall use butter scotch as the countrys name)

( Any // at the end of a index line will state how many weeks in a row the index has been brought up by pepa)

BUTTER SCOTCH  has been named for the following:

Transport index sits at 97.5. PEPA requires 120 for an average index.

Health index sits at 50.0. PEPA requires 120 for an average index  / / /  

Next step

The finance minister can then after publicly pressuring the country can then choose to contact the member privately or openly and offer support and queston the matter.


All countrys are subject to PEPA unless the country is a new country or has just been conquered. 

All new countrys will have 30 years from their founded start date to get up to pepa values before they are liable to PEPA.

Any conquered country will have 40 years from when it was conquered to get up to PEPA values. Quite simply war torn countrys can take much longer.

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