Orthodox Party of Ruthenia
ορθόδοξο κόμμα της Ρουθηνία
Chairperson Giannis Yfantis
Founded May 25, 3240
Headquarters Auronopolis
Newspaper The Mirolian Times
Membership 788
Ideology Centrism, Statism, Pan-Slavism, Patriotism
National affiliation Ruthene flag Ruthenia
Official colours Blue, Red, White
Seats in Chamber
109 / 514

The Orthodox Party of Ruthenia (commonly referred to as the OPR) is a political party in Ruthenia, currently the oldest in the Empire. It was established on May 25, 3240 upon the aperture of political parties in Ruthenia.

They members are considered the "succesors of the ideas of the enosis", The Orthodox Party holds 109 seats in the Chamber of Deputies of Ruthenia. The party's current leader is Giannis Yfantis, his deputy is Thanassis Arnaoutidis. It is currently in a coalition with the National Party and the Monarchist party creating the "United Ruthenia"

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