Great Imperial Order of Konstantinos I

Order of Konstantinos I
Collar of the Order
Cross of the Order
Awarded by the Basileus of Ruthenia
Type Chivalry Order
Eligibility At the monarch's pleasure
Awarded for Contribute to the Empire in any way.
Status Currently awarded
Established April 25, 3262
First awarded 3262
Total awarded 1
Next (higher) None
Equivalent None
Next (lower) None

The Great Imperial Order of Konstantinos I (Η Μεγάλη Imperial Διάταξη του Κωνσταντίνου Ι)  is a Chivalry order founded in 3261 by the Basileus Theodoros I title of member of the Great Imperial Order of Konstantinos I in honor of the his father and the first Basileus Konstantinos I, has been gived to 2 people, including the Empress, the Basilissa Isavella Hoheinstenburg. The great maestre (master)is the actual Basileus Theodoros I.

The Order of Konstantinos I is the first order of Merit in Ruthenia.


The Order was established after a need of the loyalty and pride of the awardees., before the creation of the order, the people was awarded with money, nominal titles and dignities, Theodoros understood the need to create awards and decorations for his peculiar symbolism and loyalty that entails

The first recipient was his empress Isavella and shortly after was Isidoros Lamprakis for his services in the Communist revolt in Arendale


  • Great Imperial Maestre of the Order (Collar, Ribbon, Cross)
  • Great Imperial Cross (Collar, Ribbon)
  • Great Imperial Knight (Collar, Ribbon)
  • Great Cross (Ribbon)
  • Great Knight (Ribbon)
  • Cross (Ribbon)
  • Knight (Ribbon)
  • Member (Ribbon)


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