A map of Adanac and the demonstrations

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In the late July of 3157 the city of Adanac, in the Democratic Republic of Damstu was faced with a large demonstration. Following a month of protracted conflict with municpal police, the demonstrators entrenched by taking control of large public spaces and a government building.

Following these developments, the federal government of Damstu was forced to take over managing the situation in East Adanac. Keppy, the president of Damstu, was very active not only in negotiating with the occupiers, but also in talking with other members of the federation, corporations, and the general public.

While the vast majority (over 70 per cent) of the so-called "occupiers" were citizens of Damstu, sizeable minorities of demonstrators came from other members of the Soviet Federation. Generally, the largest minority contingent was from the Socialist Union of Farr, which officially sponsored its delegates to the demonstration. This act is telling of the way in which the occupation came to be understood by many, as an informal conference on financial affairs. The demonstration was backed by many federation member states as well as by political parties, notably the United Revolutionaries. Ms. Emily, the party's leader, stated that the occupation was "the most legitimate and authentic expression of democracy and citizenship in the federation's history", which was taken by most everyone else as an overstatement. Dave, of the People's Republic of Rezalan, openly disagreed with the statement, saying that while he could support the movement he was uneasy to characterise it too early.


Tower 98, Soviet Square

The movement was renowned for its non-violent approach, but large clashes with police occurred several times. Firstly, in early August, municipal forces attacked protestors in a coordinated move to break up the demonstration. In these actions more than a thousand demonstrators were arrested and there were nearly 200 casualties, including about 10 fatalities.

The second use of force occured on 5 February 3158 when Damstu's armed forces closed in on Soviet Square. Both sides openly engaged with one another, leading to a firefight that lasted the better part of six hours. In the end nearly five hundred people were injured and seventy died. Immediately afterward Keppy visited the square to offer condolences. She met with leaders of the occupation and later sent a personal request to Devlin, the premier of the Soviet Federation. Devlin visited Occupy Adanac at the end of February and issued a plan to end economic problems. Following an empassioned speech, occupiers cheered for minutes, vowing to end their demonstration thereafter.

Time Size of Movement
July 3157 approximately 5000 demonstrators
August 3157 over 20 000 demonstrators
September - December 3157 approximately 70 000 demonstrators
January 3158 over 250 000 demonstrators
February 3158 nearly 600 000 demonstrators

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