Nikolaos Choniates
Born 14 april, 3128, Auronopolis
Died 3214, Auronopolis
Profession Scholar
Nationality Ruthenia
'University University of Auronopolis

Nikolaos Andreas Choniates(born 14 April 3128-3214) is a Parsian/Ruthene scholar in the history, art, and architecture of the Kingdom of Kormenia. He is a former University of Auronopolis professor of Kormenian and Modern Hellenic Language and Literature. He is considered one of the best historians of the Ruthenian Empire

One of his major works The Mosaics of St. Hellena at Ostambal (3162), details the history of the mosaics of the Hagia Triada


Little is know of Choniates, was born in Ostambal before the Enosis and his family moved to the south in the times of war, he travelled around all the world searching information of his ancestors the Korimis, and recopiled a large amount of books and works about Kormenian history and his relation with the actual Ruthenes, concluding the motto "One Empire, One God, One Religion" about the existence of the Orthodox Church in Imperial matters.

He Died at age 86


The name of the Centre for Ruthenian Studies is in honor of him one of the founders of the idea of ​​spreading Ruthene culture in other countries, all his work is in the Center of Studies located in Imperial Union of Gaia


  • The Brazen House. A Study of the Vestibule of the Royal Palace of Beretea
  • Study of the Mosaics of Hagia Triada at Ostambal
  • The Art of Kormenia
  • Kormenian Architecture
  • Kormenia: The Kingdom of the Saints
  • Kormenia and its Image: history and culture of the Kormenian kingdom and its heritage
  • Le développement urbain de Beretea
  • Studies on Beretea
  • Hagia Triada: A Vision for Kingdoms
  • Koila: The Scroll of Heaven
  • The Grand History of Beretea
  • Dictionary Korimi-Selloi in the Kormenian Ages
  • A Study of Korimi Language

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