New Venice
The Commonwealth of New Venice
New Venice
Motto: From sea to sea
Anthem: {{{anthem}}}
 - World Fearless Blue  
 - Continent Auriga Bella  
 - Region Octavia  
 - Capital New Venice  
 - Largest city New Venice  
Official languages English
Regional Languages
Ethnic groups 96%   White
  4%   Other
Demonym New Venetian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Aristocracy
 - Grand Duke Michael
 - Chancellor Pippin V
Legislature Great Council
 - Upper house Senate 
 - Lower house The Assembly 
 - Formation Jul 3961 
 - Total 15,124,519  
 - Total {{{army_total}}}  
 - Percentage {{{army_percentage}}}%  
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC$35,517 
 - Federation [[]]
 - Common Market [[]]
 - Empire [[]]
Nominal Value US$19.10
Currency ducat
Internet TLD .nv
Date Format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
URL [{{{url}}} New Venice] in Simcountry.

New Venice

The Commonwealth of New Venice is a relatively young country. What follows is information on this country.

Official Name: The Commonwealth of New Venice

Form of Government: Aristocracy

Capital: New Venice

Founded: Jun 3923

Location: north eastern area of Octavia region, Auriga Bella continent, Fearless Blue


Latitude and Longitude:

Official language(s): English


Named for Venice of old on Earth. The main city and capital New Venice sits on an island surrounded by a river.


Climate: Sub Tropical

Land use:


Population: 15,124,519

Demonym: New Venetian

Ethnic groups: 96% white, 4% other

Religion: predominately Roman Catholic


Type: Aristocracy

National Holiday: July 19 founding of the Commonwealth



Structure: mixed government model (see Constituiton), executive, bicameral legislature, judiciary


The Grand Duke is the head of state for the commonwealth. He performs all duties as such.

Chancellor (Kanzler) -head of government -chosen by the Council of Ministers

Grand Council

The Grand Council is essentially the cabinet of the government. It is chaired and lead by the Kanzler or Chancellor who is the head of government. Each position is selected and /or elected from the Council of Ministers. There are only eight members in the cabinet. The Grand Duke may also from time to time sit with the Council.

Council of Ministers

In effect make up a much larger cabinet of ministers with many functions. They select and elect the Kanzler from among their members. There are 20 members in the Council. Elected from the Assembly.


Great Council


The Senate debates, originates, and approves matters of government. The Senate is made up of all the old aristocratic families as documented in the Golden Book. Each Senator is appointed by the Grand Duke. It consists of 140 members.

Legislative Assembly

The democratic arm of the government representing the people. Popularly elected to five year terms. Has 456 members. The Assembly select and elect the members of the Council of Ministers.


The judiciary section of the government is free and independent of all other functions of government.

High Court -highest court in the country. has final say in all judicial matters. The judges are appointed by the Minister of Justice. There are seven (7) judges.

Supreme Tribunal - court of appeal. There are eleven (11) judges.

Municipal Courts - the courts found in the cities, towns and counties of the republic.


Monetary unit: Ducat


Value of Corporations:

Chief crops: fruit,

Natural resources: aluminum, copper, minerals, potassium, oil

Major industries: agriculture, fishing, food processing, high tech products, metal products

Labour force:

Percentage unemployed:

Total Assets:


Officers and soldiers in the army:

Army Assets:


The country of New Venice has been largely and completely untouched by war.

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