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This was the speech given by Premier Mike of the Soviet Federation after successfully negotiating a bipartisan military bill on December 12, 3522. The speech predated the vote in council which took place in 3522. By all accounts, this was the most significant political address since Keppy's departure speech in 3402 before she and her plane crashed en route to Coastal Rock.


Comrades, it is a a great day to be a Soviet. Today I am so honored and proud to present to the public the finalized version of the Military Protocol, Standards, and Achievement Act . Through countless sessions of meetings and discussions, the CDU and the Vanguards have finally came to a bipartisan agreement. This compromise shows the true spirit of our great federation. We all have our differences, but this act and the debate leading up to it, shows that we can bridge those disagreements - That we can come together and form a consensus for the good of the federation. This bill not only sets the standard for military conduct, it also creates a strong Soviet reactionary force and a Soviet Military Honour Medal for those among us with the best military strength and ethics. However, that is not the only thing we have accomplished today. We as a federation have also created a bright, new symbol of our continued support of democracy, debate, and multipartisanship. It truly is a great day to be a Soviet. Thank you all! 

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