Marcencio Alzaro
Marcencio Alzaro,3356
Marcencio Alzaro,3356
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Granda

In office

Preceded by Rojasio Alzaro
Succeeded by Guillermo Chalazar
Commander-in-chief of People's Army of Granda
In office
Preceded by Position Established
Succedded by Guillermo Chalazar
Personal details
Born Marcencio Juan Alzaro Gracia

17 September 3297

Died 4 July 3379
Nationality Granda
Political party Communist Party of Granda
Spouse(s) Celestina Veronica
Relations Rojasio Alzaro(Older brother)

Ernesto Alzaro(Father)

Maria Quesana(Mother)

Children Augusto Alzaro
Military service

Republic of Granda(formerly), People's Republic of Granda

Service/branch Granda Army(formerly)

People's Army of Granda

Years of service

3315-3328(Granda Army),3328-3379(People's Army of Granda)

Rank Marshal of Granda
Commands All (Supreme Commander)

Grandan Revolution

Granda Civil War

Tiranism War

Red Rising War

Xilotonian War

Grandan Big Gift Crisis

  "War is one of the world's cycles, no place to be safe, no one to trust and no escape, the only thing that can be done is to keep fighting until it's over. but another thing that will make you survived from that is death."

-Marcencio Juan Alzaro Gracia

Marcencio Juan Alzaro Gracia

Marcencio Alzaro,General Secretary of CPG since 3337

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