The Malakan Armed Forces, also known as MRAF, are the military branch of the Republic of Malakan, created in 1939 following Independence from Japan. The Malakan Armed Forces are the worlds most technological military force in the world, and also one of the largest standing armies ever. Its standing army has been recorded at 13,121,074 personal (113,092 active, and 1,199,082 reserved). The MRAF purpose to protect the borders, of the Republic of Malakan from international and external threats. The Armed forces however lacks a navy as the country is landlocked, against its rival and enemy the Peoples Republic of Malakan. The MRAF also responds to humanitarian and disaster relief missions , peacekeeping operations, and counter terrorism.


The Malakan Armed Forces, was formed as a primarily defense force to protect Malakan following independence from Japan, the Armed Forces, then was split between pro-communist and anti-communist forces, in the late 40's and early 50's leading to the creation of the Peoples republic of Malakan, and the Republic of Malakan.

In modern times the Malakan armed forces have greatly modernize since then domestic suppliers have churned out weapons and foreign suppliers mostly South Korea, Japan, and America have supplied 30 % of the Armed forces weapons.

Mixed Race male, and females are allowed to join the army, as are immigrants, foreign born, and visa holders. The Armed forces take place in drills daily.


The MRAF consist of the following.

  • MRAF Army
  • MRAF Air force
  • MRAF Areoforce Command
  • MRAF O.S.I

In addition reserve elements include

  • MRAF Reserve forces
  • MRAF Civilian Defense Corps

Service Branches


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Malakan soldiers combating the Al Quada in Afghanistan

The Malakan Army, is largest branch with the armed forces, it has over 113, 092 personal, which is used to fighting in mountainous terrain and counter guerrilla warfare, of its homeland. It currently has 20 % of its forces guarding the border with the North, however due to a large mountain range any invasion is unlikely, invasion tunnels from the 50's and late 40's were destroyed by natural causes or accidents, also the North no longer has the means to dig tunnels as it is suffering from a repression in its economy.

The MRAF Army is divided into five zones, East, South, North, West, and Central command. To prevent corruption all zones will go through drills regular, and the Central zone is deployed on counter-Terrorism and Humanitarian operations around the world. Each zone has an artillery, mechanized, infantry support, and armored divisions, as well as special forces, and Rapid response deployment units or R.R.D.U.

MRAF Air force

The Malakan Republic has a slight advantage over its northern counterpart and that's the airforce which has more technological superior technology.

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