Major Ocean
Location Major Ocean (Golden Rainbow)
Golden Rainbow Oceans

The Major Ocean is the largest of the Golden Rainbow's oceanic divisions. It extends from the Northern Ocean in the north to the Southern Ocean in the south and is bounded by seven of the ten continents of Golden Rainbow.


The Major Ocean separates Lynx Minor , Antilia Major, Lacerta and Auriga Bella from Centura Donna and Paova and Hercula Major. It may be further subdivided by the The Æquinotial line into northern (North Major) and southern (South Major) portions. It extends from the Southern region to the Northern. The Major Ocean encompasses approximately one-fifth of the Golden Rainbow's surface, having an area larger than the two major continents in Golden Rainbow.

Extending approximately 14,000 kilometers (8,700 mi) from the southern border of the Northern Glaciar Sea to the northern extent of the circumpolar Southern Ocean at 60°S, the Major Ocean reaches its greatest east-west width at about 5°S latitude, where it stretches approximately 9,200 kilometers (5,700 mi) from Volusia region, in Antilia Major to the water borders between Centura Donna and Paova Major.

Along the Major Ocean's irregular western margins lie many seas as Scarlet Sea, Arendele Sea and Fornax Sea.

As the Major Ocean straddles the 180th meridian, the West Major Ocean is in the Eastern Hemisphere, while the East Major Ocean is in the Western Hemisphere.

Bordering continents and regions

Lynx Minor
Antilia Major
Auriga Bella
Centura Donna
Paova Major
Hercula Major

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