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Simcountry Wiki is a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia about Simcountry. The wiki is freely editable; anyone can contribute to the existing articles or create new ones. All content is published under Creative Commons CC BY-SA, unless otherwise stated. Simcountry Wiki currently maintains 794 articles, all of whom are collaboratively edited by 9 active users.

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Current Headlines

  • April 17 3367 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag - Aquitania celebrated and commemorated 500 years of Aquitanian-East Heaven Relations, celebrations were marked by large several festivals, and the commemorations included a vigil for the fallen in the first Union-BME War, specifically East Heaven casualties, which amounted in the millions the year the country capitulated in 3175. Given the amount of Oirthir living in Aquitania (15% of the population), the commemoration carried special significance.
  • January 5 3366 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag - Ailean na Aodhagáin was elected in the Reichsversammlung as the new Reichskanzler (Imperial Chancellor), the first time an Oirthir or a non-Ethnic Aquitanian is elected into the highest political office in Aquitania. Aodhagáin was accepted and blessed by Kaiser Wilhelm IX a year before the Imperial Commemorations of the Treaty of Ville d'Hermantine, for many, it was an interesting coincidence, to others, it was a sign of fate and of the everlasting friendship between the Aquitanians and Oirthirs.
  • January 3, 3622 (KB)
    • Flag of Gaia - Crown Princess Hitomi ascends to the throne following a formal ceremony at the Celestial Imperial Palace. She is the third Empress of Gaia to serve following the Imperial Union Act.

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