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Simcountry Wiki is a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia about Simcountry. The wiki is freely editable; anyone can contribute to the existing articles or create new ones. All content is published under Creative Commons CC BY-SA, unless otherwise stated. Simcountry Wiki currently maintains 813 articles, all of whom are collaboratively edited by 4 active users.

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Current Headlines

  • 3400's-3510's(GR)
    • Download (15) The Union goes into a huge crash depression after war with SanKa leaves millions dead.The Queen declares 'No Ruling' policy,and all Reinaldis are exiled to Guimaras Islands.
  • June 5, 3513 (GR)
    • VlagWeliopakistan - A Large Earth Quake occurred in Yokistan. 68844 people died immediately and 119654 people were wounded.
  • June 5, 3497 (GR)
  • March 17,3406 (WG)
    • -Disappearance of the Constantino Peoples, the great admixture people of Constantine have disappeared as a civilization, abandoning thier great empire to the West Republics and natives of Aragonia. Although large numbers of Constantinos still are living in dispora, many have returned to the original homelands of Hamura Konstantin, WCR or have become semi nomadic peoples. Leaving behind their technology, cities and weapons to their allies.
  • February 10, 3400 (WG)
    • 3030 Aquitanian Flag - The Third Aquitanian Empire collapses as Kahltforenburg is overtaken by the Blight, marking the end of a 2998 year old nation and its Third Empire (Drittes Reich), which lasted 370 years. An estimated 40 million Aquitanians escaped the country in the decades of struggle and are living abroad stateless and as refugees. An estimated 100 million died during the conflict. The sole survivor of the House of Hohensteinburg, Prince Wilhelm Tridius Alexander, is reportedly applying to enter Gaia as a refugee. Foreign countries harbouring the bulk of the refugees but not recognising them as citizens are listed:
      • Imperial Union of Gaia
      • Imperial Union of Constantine
      • West Republics
      • Empire of Metudela
      • Union of Universal
  • September 10, 3709 (KB)
    • Flag of Gaia - A magnitude 7.9 earthquake occurs off the coast of Fumiko Prefecture, triggering a tsunami that leads to severe damage and loss of life along Gaia's central coastline.

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