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Little Upsilon
Little Upsilon
Starting date February 14, 2007
Months per day 6
World Statistics
Countries 3,467
Population Estimated to be about 100 Billion plus
Enterprises 96
Corporations 72,658
Common Market 76
Production Estimated to be around 200Trillion $SC $SC
Nominal Value Around $140,000USD USD
Federations 87
Army Global army typically is between 3-6% of the worlds pop

Little Upsilon is the youngest of the 5 worlds in Simcountry. It is also the second smallest with 3,467 countries and runs 6 game month per day.

As of July 2nd 2011, Fearless Blue also began running at 6 game months.

Little Upsilon is located at the center of the Simcountry galaxy and is often used by players as a staging point to transfer goods to other worlds. It is for this reason LU sees a huge volume of constant trading. Due to the huge amount of commerce, LU sees some of the wealthiest empires in the entire game.


Little Upsilon is made up of 10 continents. Each of them is an island, with some having an smaller island or two attached to it.

Below is a list of the Advanced players of each region. These players have skills that set them apart for the standard players. Some can be as simple as lending a helping hand to those in need or the ones who are King or Queen of War.

(Note) Below under the Tab called Player History is a past players who have either left LU or retired from Simcountry.

(A) Paova Major

  • This continent contains 639 countries in total. This was a relatively peaceful continent, with few large agressive empires, spread over a large amount of regions.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;
  • Keto (Grecoroman): Even keeled player with a very heavily militarized countries, Keeps mostly to his fedmates and allies but is know to give out info to new players. Doesn't tolerate nonsense and for this reason can sometimes be viewed as "Agressive".
  • Stephen Ryan (Don): Talanted war player keeps normally to himself and his federations. Donesnt care much for the international community but keeps a very active fourm profile.

(B) Lynx Minor

  • This continent contains 402 countries in total, with only 2 countries free, it seems to be a popular place to set up a new country.
  • "Advanced Players" in this continent;
  • SuperSoldierRCP (Melichor): Talented in both War and Economics, SuperSoldierRCP specializes in economic part of the game and focuses on production, self sufficient markets, and helping with sending relief to countries in need. He is very willing to help new players with strategy and educational guides when asked. He is largest single producer of nuclear weapons in simcountry. Statistics are unknown but it is expected he currently creates around 25% of all nuclear weapons production. He well known thoughtout Simcountry for his High Quility goods. He was the first and still one of the few players who produces and sells 370Q or higher assets regularly. Its for this reason the term "Melcorean Quality" was created. This term is used by a player who are seeking any goods of a very high quality level (most commonly used by war players seeking weapons and ammo of very high levels).
  • Jacktastic (California Republic) : A highly talented war player who empires encompass several worlds. Is one of the leading members of several new player federations. He is know to very diplomatic and helpful to both new and veteran players. He is very fair in his dealings and is often one of the first players to step up when new players seek assistance. Although a respected war player he prefers to seek diplomatic and peaceful alternatives rather then going to war.
  • Slade (Lex Nation): Solid economic and military player. Recently went part-time but is widely known as the nicest person and fiercely loyal to his fedmates.

(C) Centura Donna

  • This continent Contains 411 countries in total. With a reasonable amount of territorial empires, this continent would not be recommended for aggressive new players who may want to build a strong empire themselves.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;
  • Serpent (SSS1): An extremely powerful and respected war player,(Ranks easily as one of the Top 10 war players of simcountry). He will often help players people who kindly ask for assistance and is know to be quiet helpful toward new players. However he has an almost zero nonsense policy.

(D) Draca Mixor

  • This is a tiny continent, consisting of only 2 regions and 73 countries. Because of this there is rarely any space for new players.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;

(E) Lacerta

  • This continent contains 542 countries, with 120 currently free for new presidents. A stable and safe haven for most agreeable players.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;
  •  Psycho_Honey (Inannas Temple): Highly Militarized empire. Uses War Protection on her main empire and attacks players though C3 warring (Controversial). Founder of the Sons of Lights and is known to “Follow the beat of her own drum”. Despite her poor reputation among some players, she is known to assist new players and actively tries to grow the Simcountry community

(F) Hercula Major

  • This continent containst 533 countries, with only 91 free for expansion at the present time. This continent is dominated by mainly helpful and patient players, a good place for those wanting to set up stable empires.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;
  • Josias (Dream Land): (a.k.a. Orbiter) A nice player interested in econ and good at war games. Helps new players from time to time, but is known to keep mostly to himself or his federation.

(G) Auriga Bella

  • This continent contains only 254 countries, with many places for new players to build.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;

(H) Antilia Major

  • This is a very small continent with only 176 countries, most being already occupied.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;

(I) Eridana

  • Another small 2 region continent.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;
  • Equinox(AA2 Central): Mostly economic player. Co-founder of the NLUO, is know to give advice to new players when asked.

(J) Virgina Bella

  • This is a medium small continent, with 249 countries, yet contains a higher than average number of free countries.
  • "Advanced players" in this continent;
  • Laguna (Lance of Longinus)- One of the oldest players in Simcountry. He has empires located on worlds and is LU very first president. Good at both econ and war as well as the liaison to the Jozi Chat (The Jozi chat is hosted every so often where players may speak and discuss issues they have to Jozi the creator and owner of SimCountry.). He is known to be very fair in his dealings and his often seen as a voice of reason. He is very highly respected among many veteran and few players and is often used as a mediator to solve or end wars. 


  • 14th of February, 2007: Little Upsilon starts running for the first time, with the bonus of being, at the time, twice as fast as the other worlds, performing 6 game months per day.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 15th of March, 2008: 'The Ides of March' brought war upon Little Upsilon. Off world conflicts between Scottie and Sam Houston had reached a climax, and thus spilled over to Little Upsilon, withBarney Rubble, Sam Houston and Pink Floyd all declaring war upon Scottie's Empire. This series of declarations rent the largest federation of Little Upsilon (Government) in two, with an avalanche of federation war treaties activating. A small number of players decided to challenge these actions, and were systematically declared upon also, activating treaties in yet another federation, and causing many neutral players to be drawn into the war. At this point Laguna become involved, forcing a ceasefire between hostile parties, and compensation to be paid to the injured parties. An uneasy peace remains.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 29th of June, 2008: 'The Slock Shock (a.k.a. The Slock Shock Event), matched up the world's two largest federations. Valde Subsidium (VS) and the Lacerta Defense Initiative (LDI), were on the brink of war due to land disputes. Slocketer, a member of the LDI, declared war on Kevin Henry, a member of VS. This triggered a series of war declarations between the two federations. Although a cease-fire was reached in only 15 hours, the war resulted in an estimated 180-190 million sim deaths... This war cuased effects that are still talked about today and was the First time Simcountry expecerienced the effects of nuclear war on a global scale.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 10th of October, 2008: After weeks of conflicts between various feds and the player Wendy, the war spilled over to federations. The LDI declared war on players that associated with Wendy, known on Golden Rainbow, as the UC. The UC/LDI/Wendy war was most noteworthy due to the floods of hostile forum posts that it provoked. The war dragged on until January 1, 2009, when a cease-fire agreement was reached between the UC and the LDI.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • April, 2009: EO (Ares) attempted to raid an active player name Chuck Steak.  The Federation Valde Subsidium disapproved, and added this player into their federation, but this did not prevent EO from raiding.  War ensued, as Laguna, Kevin Henry, Diabuli, Orbiter, Sir Michael, and Straight Jacket fought on the side of Valde against EO, and his fedmate L3athalserph.  Wild Eyes joined on EO's side shortly after the beginning of the war.  Many major countries were conquered in this war including: Wild Eyes conquering much of Kevin Henry's empire, EO taking Light of the Soul from Laguna and Chaos10 from Diabuli, and Laguna taking Darwin from EO and war slave 3 from L3athalserph.  The war ended disastrously for Valde Subsidium, and that federation has dwindled rapidly in size since.  Notable events in the war include EO nuking Chaos 10 from 100 million people down to below 20 million people, and Wild Eyes moving much of her army (both offensive and defensive) to the border of Kevin Henry's empire using air transport for her campaign.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • August, 2011: A new player named AK47 (CrackCocaine) began making various threats against new players claiming "nuclear warfare" and started to very aggressively expand his empire. After several threats "Nani" a member of the Security Council proposed a vote to ban against his nations to prevent him from buying nuclear weapons with the hope of preventing a global war. Soon after the ban, AK47 and his federation began making military threats. The threats where ignored by most until AK47 began making threats against the Independent Defense Coalition. The Independent Defense Coalition (IDC) was and still is widely recognized as new player teaching federation. At this point SuperSoldierRCP stepped in and tried to negotiate hoping to prevent war. After the negotiations failed, AK47 responded by declaring war against several members of the IDC and launching various sneak attacks around the planet. This ended up causing the SuperSoldierRCP to declare war on AK47 empire. This caused a ripple effect drawing in many other players and federations into war. In total, the war lasted around 7 days with SuperSoldier conquering almost all of AK's 15 nation empire and nuking many of AK's allies. In total, the war covered 40-45 nations.
  • This war was the first time Nuclear Warfare was used as main offensive strategy and as a form of preemptive attack. AK47 and his federation spent almost all of his time nuking any nations who declared war, which resulted in counter nuking by the IDC (Mostly by SuperSoldierRCP, Jackspetic, Opensesame). When the dust finally settled, the population losses where massive. Almost all nations involved saw there populations reduced by about 20M or more. AK47 main country went from 130M to 85M by the wars end 7days later. The effects where not just limited to the federations at war. The massive amount of nuking caused huge amounts of fallout around the world. The death toll is unknown, Most estimates suggest around 300M where killed in just warring nations alone. The Global death toll is unknown but most expect the real estimate to be around 500-600 Million. In addition, The constant nuking caused the destruction of corporations both public and private. Some nations not even at war would see large numbers of corporations close due to nuclear fallout. One player even posted pictures showing a total loss of near 300 corporations in 7 days(more then half of his CEO). This war is considered to be the most costly war in Little Upsilon history due to the massive death toll, public and private corporation losses, and political fallout.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • May/June/July, 2013: A new upcomming federation under the name "New Little Upslion Organization" or the NLUO proclaimed itself as the Offical LU world government. Many players disagreed but igroned the group as in the start they kept to themselves. Following the end of May the NLUO began using military force on new players in order to show dominance on the LU Political Landscape. After news of this spread a second federation called "Hydra" was formed. The 2 Federations engaged in a "Cold war" for the time begin, threats and reteric where made on the fourms almost daily but none ever acted on them. It wasnt until mid June when Psycho_Honey(Wendy) attacked a new player under Hydra's protection. This cuased a series of instant war decs to be sent thought the 2 federations. The wars lasted several weeks as members of both sides would take each others nations and use them to re-dec there enemies. The fighting was fierce as many dozen of nations where always in a constant state of war. Most notiable moments include Jackspetic claiming almost all of Pyscho_Honeys empire and Lord Lee seeing all but 1 nation taken by Keto. The war offically ended in July in a massive victory for hydra. Hydra ended with only a few country losses as where the NLUO was cut almost in half. The NLUO has dwindled in size but remains active. Hydra remains the worlds largest and most active federation and has since moved toward the education and devolpment of new players.     

(Significant events in LU's history)

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