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The State Award System of the Ruthenian Empire has varied and distinct origins. Their origins is in 3261 after the travel of Theodoros I and the need of awards their people for their services without losing money, the dignity system was not enough for their loyalty and the nominal use of their titles was almost obsolete between people.

The Basileus created a order Order of Konstantinos I and after discussed with the States General to create more awards and decorations for the ruthene citizens, approved in 3262.

Honorary Titles

Main Article: Ruthenian Aristocracy and Bureaucracy

  • Autokrator
  • Sebastos
  • Nobelissimos
  • Antyregarchos
  • Protovestiarios
  • Charakes
  • Vestarches
  • Koubikoularios
  • Archontes
  • Kenarios
  • Praipositos
  • Primmikerios
  • Sebastophoros
  • Megapaidagogos
  • Asekretai
  • Protosekretis
  • Etnarches
  • Antyregarchos
  • Sevasmios
  • Megaloiotes
  • Magistros


Royal Orders



Commemorative medals

Campaign medals

  • Orderofredbanner Arendale Medal: Recognizing combat services in Communist Revolt in Arendale (3247-3255)
  • MedalArendale Maurian Medal: Medal for soldiers recognizing their services in the Ruthene-Maurian War (3219-3220)


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