This is a list of cities in Yokistan.

According to the Pakistani Institute of Geography and Statistics (IPGE), a city is classified as an area where the city limits are identifiable, and its local government is recognized. Yokistan has 21 cities. As of 3337. These 21 cities have a population of 6,911,416, accounting for 35.91% of the country's population. The largest city is Porto Capital, with a population of 1,410,085.

Rank Settlement Population Region
1st Porto Capital 1,410,085 Capital
2nd Edson 384,795 Capital
3rd Tafta 384,795 Southeast
4th Gomes 374,865 Sierravista
5th Baía Monro 372,382 East
6th Cornualha 302,871 Sierravista
7th Rosso 292,941 East
8th Sierravista 285,493 Sierravista
9th Medced 285,493 Great Mountains
10th Mar de Yok 283,011 Adjacent Is.
11th Ramon 275,563 Great Mountains
12th Papora 233,360 Sierravista
13th Naquiçá 233,360 Littoral
14th Verdone 233,360 Capital
15th Baixoford 230,877 Littoral
16th San Manuel 230,877 Sierravista
17th Ishim 225,912 Capital
18th Monte Real 220,947 Littoral
19th Beira 218,465 Littoral
20th Desterro 215,982 Great Mountains
21st Altoford 215,982 Sierravista

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