Following the collapse of the Sixty-Eighth Soviet Government in 3525, election debates were broadcasted federally through unisov. As a result, the information was carefully archived. Debate summaries and transcripts are listed here, listed according to issues.

3525 Debate

Opening Statements:

Andrew: There are many paths for this fed to go down. What the vanguards hope to accomplish is to get EVERY fed member involved and active in government somehow. also i believe this fed has the potential to be so much larger. We can truly become a mega fed if we all put our brains together. we can create a kebir red, that is the Vanguard dream. I have already started working on the dream by passing the unification act and create soviet chapter feds

Mike: This great federation has had centuries worth of history. In 3526, we've evolved a lot since the early days. We've created a wonderful system where everyone can be involved, and I know the future of this great federation will hold even better prospects. However, to harness the true power of this federation to expand its might, we need a strong leader. If reelected I will ensure the future of this great federation will be better. and bigger. This federation will grow and grow and grow with new members and new ideas. We'll also refocus on economics, ensuring that we have a stable common market, and 2 profitable enterprises. As for military might, the CDU and I have made it clear how much we believe in a strong military. We passed a multi partisan bill this term that would ensure all Soviet's would have equal protection against potential threats. The future of this federation lies in this leadership, and today I will be talking about how I can be that leader. How I can help the future of this federation by growing it, by stabilizing it's economy, and by increasing its political presence.

Volt: It has been FedSA's agenda since the beginning to focus on a sustainable balance of power. This central idea is at the heart of the relationship between government and membership, council and premier, military and the economy. FedSA has proven to be cool and collected and part of rational discussion in this federation. We are proud of the hard work of our opponents in the Vanguards and the CDU and recognise that nothing will be built in this federation without wide consultation. Thanks


Common market??


Legislative moves?


Next Debate


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