Lake Yorma is one of the 4 regions of the Lacerta continent (Golden Rainbow), defined by geography or geopolitics, being the only region in Lacerta that makes political boundaries with others regions¹ .
Lake Yorma GR location map

Lake Yorma region location map.

The name Lake Yorma is derived from the lake located on New Roman Empire, north of the region.

64 countries, 16 with president (including 1 empire with 2 countries and 1 leader country with 7 slave coutries that that are not located in Lake Yorma Region), constitute Lake Yorma region² :

  • Empire of Para Sankta
  • Empire of Resurrection


Lake Yorma is an large region of varied geography, including high passes and mountains, deserts, and especially steppes. The vast steppe areas of central area are considered together with the steppes of Berco Yok as a homogeneous geographical zone.


The population within the standard physical geographical boundaries was 850 million in 3372. Population growth is slow and median age comparatively medium in relation to the world's other continents.

Most populous countries in Lake Yorma Region (Lacerta) in 3372
Rank Country Population
1 Resurrection 70,200,000
2 Arrakis 37,500,000
3 Ladiland 37,500,000
4 Northsire 34,000,000
5 Kingdom of Dar 25,800,000
6 United Provinces of Zion 21,000,000
7 Eichhornchen 18,500,000
8 Democratic Union of Mentosa 17,300,000
9  United Kingdom of Intera Med 16,600,000
10 The Independent State of Rossan 16,400,000


The climate is very diverse, with a large variety of climates. Such a diversity is chiefly conditioned by the presence of the high central mountains and the ocean currents in the east and west.

In general, the climate on the west coast is tropical, the east coast is subtropical. The mountains observe a cool-to-cold climate with rainy summers and dry winters. The southern plateau present a semi-desert climate with hot summers.

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