Location Lacerta (Golden Rainbow)
Regions 4
Countries 217

Lacerta is a continent in the planet of Golden Rainbow located in the Eastern Hemisphere.


It is situated in the Eastern Hemisphere, entirely south of the Equinoctial, and is surrounded by the Great Ocean.


The continent can be divided into four great regions (each of which contains many countries):


Lacerta has an estimated population of 2.600 million (as of 3470) and a rate of population growth of about 0.4% per year.

Most populous countries in Lacerta (Golden Rainbow) in 3470
Rank Country Population
1 Resurrection 70,500,000
2 Northsire 44,600,000
3 Arrakis 42,200,000
4 Yokistan 39,600,000
5 Terra Alpha 37,800,000
6 United Peoples Land 37,500,000
7 Imperial Steel 32,500,000
8 Lino Republic 32,300,000
9 UCM 32,000,000
10 Ladores Land 25,600,000


The climate in most of Lacerta is usually tropical. It is humid (dry) tropical and tropical savanna in the center. It is humid subtropical in the southwest. The climate in the south and southeast is temperate. Rainfall is different depending on the place. The Central-North plateau receives rainfall between 1000 and 2000 mm. Temperatures can also be very different. The usual temperature in the mountains is 16 °C degrees, while temperatures in the Tropics can be more than 30 °C degrees.

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