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House of Knezevic
Country Principality of Slavinia
Ruthenian Empire
Parent house Unknown
Titles Knaz of Slavinia
Doux of Terepesos
Ban of Sarbia
Founded 845
Founder Miloslav
Final ruler Svetoslav II
Current head Extint
Dissolution 1091
Cadet branches Altomanovic
Knezevic dynasty (Sarbian: Knevezerevici) was a native Sarbian dynasty that ruled, with interruptions, from 845 until 1091 in Slavinia (part of Ruthenia territory) and was named after Miloslav I, the first member and the founder. The most prominent rulers of the Knezevic house include Tomislav (first Knaz of Slavinia, crowned in 925), Petros Vojislav IV and Ladislas; the house gave four dukes, thirteen knaz and a queen, also the Knezevic gives a saint to the Orthodox Church.

Since its mid-9th century foundation, the house reached independent rule at some later point and dissolved at the end of 11th century. During that time, the state had slight territorial changes, most notably in Kandorkia Maior and Megareion, where the Arcadians fight for the western territories.


Doux of Terepesos

  • Miloslav I (845–864)
  • Zdeslav (878–879)
  • Prvoslav (892–910)
  • Tomislav (910–925)

Knaz of Slavinia

  • Tomislav (925–928)
  • Miloslav II (928–935)
  • Vojislav I (935–945)
  • Vatroslav (945–949)
  • Vojislav II (949–969)
  • Mileta (969–997)
  • Mirovan (997–1000)
  • Vojislav III (1000– c. 1030)
  • Ladimir (1000–c. 1020)
  • Svetoslav I (c. 1030–1058)
  • Vojislav IV (1058–1074)
  • Ladislas Svetoslavić (1075–1089)
  • Svetoslav II (1089–1091)


  • Jelena, Queen of Slavinia(946–976)

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