List of Security Council members on Kebir Blue.

Updated: 28th October 2014

Term Ends President Leader Country
26 December 2014 Borg Queen Unimatrix I
1 December 2014 Maclean
11 December 2014 David the Great
29 November 2014 Serpent
30 November 2014 Warpy
12 November 2014 Jack Republic of Carolina
31 October 2014 Scorpio Shine
31 December 2014 Tony W Raven Wood
31 October 2014 garrydavidson1
28 February 2015 Philip Cornish The Highlandic Federation
17 December 2014 Deft Position
2 November 2014 LB Musty The Republic of Merah
1 December 2014 Presidium The Republic of Mandarr
12 December 2014 Richard II Soviet RSFSR
19 November 2014 Toland The Kingdom of Sumarti

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