I Kathimerini
Kathimerini Logo
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Kathimerini S.A.
Publisher Giannis Alafouzos
Editor Alexis Papahelas
Founded 3210
Political alignment Neutral
Headquarters Falireos kai Makariou 2, 185-47, Neo Faliro,

I Kathimerini (Η Καθημερινή, meaning "The Daily") is a daily morning newspaper published in Auronopolis. Its first edition was printed on September 15, 3210 during the Enosis. It is published in the Hellene and Mauryan language, as well as in an abridged English-language edition. in 3225 the newspaper was buyed by the Imperial government, becoming the official newspaper of the imperial government.

Considered a high-quality broadsheet, it is traditionally perceived as a conservative media flagship. It maintains a traditional layout, has maintained its original griffin logo, and incorporates illustrated glossy inserts in its Sunday edition.

It was created by Georgios Vlahos and was then owned by his daughter, Eleni Vlahou, and her husband, retired submarine commander Constantine Loundras. Vlahou, a prominent Massalian socialite in her youth, came to be considered the Grande Dame of the Ruthene journalism.


  • Editor-in-chief - Andreas Paraschos
  • Managing editor - Alexis Papahelas

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