Jakti-Metsylvania War

Feb 22 3101 - Dec 31 3023


Pori Peninsula,Metslyvania and Jakti


Metslyvania Victory


Noflag Metslyvania

Noflag Jakti







Casualties and Losses



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Pori Peninsula War  or also known as Jakti-Metslyvania War is a war fought between Jakti and Metslyvania that is underway by 3101 and ended in 3123. It was the most widespread war in the Metslyvania history, with more than 100 million people serving in military units. In a state of "total war", the major participants placed their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities at the service of the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Marked by significant events involving the mass death of civilians, including the Newburg Massacre and the atomic bombing of Husson and Telana, it resulted in 50 million fatalities. These deaths make Jakti-Metslyvania War by far the deadliest conflict  in all of Metslyvania History.

Military Operations

1. Battle of West Metslyvania

Jakti Victory

2. Bomb Raid of Chali and Telanu

Jakti Victory

Destruction of Chali and Telanu

3. Battle of West Metslyvania Counties

Metslyvania Victory

Jakti Armies continue bombing Metslyvania Corporations and Towns in both North and West

4.Battle of Pori Peninsula

Jakti Victory

Destruction of San Ramon and Pittsburg and county of Venedig

5.Battle of Polonda Marsh

Metslyvania Victory

6.Metslyvania-Robertia Border Battle

Metslyvania Victor

Jakti invasion force of north have been defeated and destruction of counties and towns of northwest and north

7.Battle of Greenfield and Alberthill

Metslyvania Victory

Jakti forces have been slowly loss power enough to conquer Metslyvania and destruction of both cities.

8.Second Battle of Pori Peninsula

Jakti Vicotry

Last hope of Jakti army enough to conquer Metslyvania and both cities have been destroyed.

9.Battle of Burg cities (Bastileburg and Gettysburg)

Metslyvania Victor

Worst battle that Jakti has been ever seen.Many armies have died and both cities were damaged.

10.Battle of outskirts of Newburg

Jakti Victory

Many towns and counties that is near the Newburg like Cape Coral,Rascotburg and Helenburg

11.Battle of Newburg

Metslyvania Victory

Jakti armies have been evacuated and end of the bloody invasion.

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