Interplanetary Sports Council
Type Specialized agency of the Council of Centau
Legal Status Active
Headquarters Porto Capital, Yokistan
Head Pablo Yuan
Parent Organization Council of Centau

Interplanetary Sport Council (ISCO) is one of the principal organs of the Council of Centau, an interplanetary organization responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in all members of Council of Centau. Working alongside partners such as governing bodies of sport and national authorities, they aim to achieve shared aspirations of getting every child hooked on sport for life.

The Secretariat is composed of a Secretary General, assisted by a staff of interplanetary civil servants. The Secretary General is appointed by the General Assembly.

The current temporary secretary is the Yokin Pablo Yuan.


See mainCouncil of Centau Headquarters in Golden Rainbow

The Interplanetary Sports Council Headquarters works in the same building of the Council of Centau Headquarters in Golden Rainbow. The CC Complex comprises in a large C-shaped building located in the Gulf of Yok about 6.5 quilometers (4 miles) from the coast of Port Capital.

Centaud Games

Is a planned international multi-sport event to be held among athletes from Council of Centau member states. The Games were envisioned and are to be governed by the Interplanetary Sports Council (ISCO), which announced their launch at its 31st General Assembly in Porto Capital.

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