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Established in the 3130s, the Interfederation Congress, or ICP (Interfederation Congress for Prosperity), is a special organisation that meets at predetermined intervals as a summit between NATO and the Soviet Federation. It is not mandated as part of AQT, rather, it was established by mutual referendums. There have been several summits to date:

June 3134 - Adanac, Damstu, Soviet Federation

February 3150 - Red Inlet, Kaput, NATO

May 3175 - Orwell, Greater Plato, Soviet Federation

October 3185 - Savoy, Aquitania, NATO

May 3207 - Valhalla, Azurnereich, Soviet Federation

May 3220 - New Alexandria, United Kingdoms of Oceania, NATO

TBD - Aiur, United Soviet Empire, Soviet Federation

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