Imperial Security Service
αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσία προστασίας
Agency overview
Formed 3255
Employees 9.000
Preceding Agency Athanatoi, Excubitoris
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Agency Ruthene flag Ruthenia
Constituting instrument Law on State protection
General Nature
  • Imperial law enforcement
  • Civilian agency
Specialist juridiction Protection of internationally protected persons, other very important persons, and-or of state property of significance.
Operational structure
Agency Executive Agapitos Akridomouris
Headquarters Auronopolis
Appointed by Basileus
The Imperial Security Service (ISS) (αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσία προστασίας) is a imperial government agency concerned with the tasks related to the protection of the Basileus.

Structure and Command

Since 3255, the agency is headed by General Agapitos Akridomouris. ISS has roughly 2,000 - 3,000 non-uniformed personnel.

The Imperial Security Service, although not listed as one of the structural units on the Ruthene Imperial Protective Service's and is a secret protective service of the IPS, who is responsible directly to the Basileus bodyguard services.

Psychological Security Department

The Psychological Security Department is the Intelligence branch of ISS who is responsible for Analyzing of information collected of the options about the lives risk of the Basileus. The Department mixes several selected intelligence experts from the Military Intelligence, Imperial Internal Security and the Foreign Intelligence into one branch.

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