Imperial Protective Service
αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσία προστασίας
Agency overview
Formed 3255
Preceding Agency Athanatoi, Excubitoris
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Agency Ruthene flag Ruthenia
Constituting instrument Law on State protection
General Nature
  • Imperial law enforcement
  • Civilian agency
Specialist juridiction Protection of internationally protected persons, other very important persons, and-or of state property of significance.
Operational structure
Agency Executive Nikos Moisidis
Appointed by Basileus

In the Ruthenian Empire, the Imperial Protective Service (IPS) (αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσία προστασίας), is a imperial government agency concerned with the tasks related to the protection of several, mandated by the relevant law, high-ranking state officials, including the Basileus and the imperial family, as well as certain imperial properties. It traces its origin to the Athanatoi and the archaic excubitors of the special guards of the basileus.

On May 27, 3255, the law "On State Protection" reorganized the IPS and created a modern imperial guards independient of the Ruthene armed forces. Under the law, "the Basileus of the Ruthenian Empire, while in office, shall not be allowed to forgo state protection."

Structure and command

Since May 18, 3258, the agency is headed by General Eftichis Tserkesidis. The IPS has roughly 20,000 - 30,000 uniformed personnel plus several thousand plainclothed personnel and controls the "black box" that can be used in the event of global nuclear war. It also operates a secure communications system for senior government officials. The IPS is a powerful institution with a range of rights and powers, including the right to conduct searches and surveillance without warrants, make arrests, and give orders to other state agencies.

One of the IPS units is the Syntagma regiment. A more recent addition to the IPS infrastructure is the Special Communications Service of Ruthenia which was incorporated as a structural sub unit on August 7, 3256.

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