Imperial Penitentiary Service
Active 3225
Country Ruthenia
Type Military
Role Law Enforcement
Militar Agency
Headquarters Auronopolis
Parent Agency Ruthene Imperial Gendarmerie
Director Alberto Simoncini

The Imperial Penitentiary Service (IPS of Ruthenia, in Hellenic:αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσία των φυλακών "Ruthenian Service for Punishment Execution") - is the official name of the Ruthenian prison authority responsible for security and maintenance of prisons in Ruthenian Empire. The organization was founded in 3224 as the successor to the Imperial Penitentiary System, who abolished and transfered to the Ministry of Defence.

Its head office is in Dexameni District, Central municipality of Auronopolis. Since June 3224 Alberto Simoncini is the head of the service


The first body that was dealing with maintenance and security of detention and prison facilities in Parsian Empire was the Main Prison Administration of the Parsian Interior Ministry which was first established on February 27, 2591.

In 2960, the Main Administration for Execution of Punishments(GUIN) was born under the Parsian administration, and after the Enosis, the administration of the Penitentiary System was in charge of the new Selloi members, creating a basic Penitentiary System, Theodoros I changed it and form the actual service.

Main Tasks and Authorities

The main task of the IPS are:

  • the execution, in accordance with Ruthenian legislation penal, detention of persons suspected or accused of committing crimes, and defendants;
  • control the behavior of probationers and prisoners, which the court granted a deferment sentence;
  • ensuring the protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of convicts and persons in custody;
  • ensuring law and order in the institutions, enforcing criminal penalties of imprisonment (hereinafter - institutions executing punishment), and in detention centers, security contained in them convicts, persons in custody, as well as employees of the correctional system, officials and citizens in the territories of these institutions and detention facilities;
  • protecting and escorting prisoners and persons detained on the specified routes escort, convoy of Ruthenian citizens and stateless persons on the territory of the Empire, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons in the case of their extradition;
  • a prisoners and detainees in detention, detention conditions, in accordance with international law, provisions of international treaties and federal laws;
  • The organization of the activities to provide assistance to convicted in social adaptation;
  • management of the territorial bodies of the IPS directly subordinate agencies.
  • The IPS Diggers use the Metro-2, when they need to Transfer high-risk prisoners.


he IPS is headed by the Director of the Imperial Penitentiary Service, who appointed and dismissed by the Basileus on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

The Director is authorized to have six deputies, including one first deputy. Deputies director are appointed and dismissed by the Basileus.

The first director of the Service is a Maurian descent named Alberto Simoncini

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