Haus Wolfkehr
Schwarzen Fürsten
Seal of the House of Wolfkehr
Imperial Seal
Country Aquitania
Estates Arkadien Schloss
Parent house House of Wolfkehr
Titles High Dynastic Imperials of Aquitania, Princes of Arlathan and Black Princes of all the Aquitanias
Style(s) His High Majesty/Your Grace
Founded Waeschen, Witthag, Arlathan
Founder Tridius Wolfkehr
Final ruler Morrigan Wolfkehr II
Current head Extinct
Dissolution 2904
Deposition 2904
Ethnicity Aquitanian
Cadet branches None
The House of Wolfkehr (Aquitanian: Haus Wolfkehr) was a dynastic family of Kings, Dukes and Emperors of Arlathan and Aquitania. The House emerged after the independence movement against the Sevintrian Imperium, which had been occupying the Aquitanian Kingdoms and States for four centuries. Before the movement, little is known about the house, it is largely assumed by historians that the Wolfkehr family were a petty House in the Arlathanian Kingdom of the Aquitanii Imperium, probably living as Vassals to other, more superior families, like the House of Scheringer. 

The House of Wolfkehr is largely believed to have emerged and ruled over the small town of Waeschen, 125 kilometres west of Vanashel (Arkadien), in the middle of the Aquitanii Imperium's lifespan. Ancient foundations beneath the Scept of Waeschen reveal a large Aquitanii estate was located there and might have been the reason that Tridius Wolfkehr wished to be crowned as King of Arlathan there, over the ruins of his ancestral family's home. The celebrated ruler and hero then built a large Scept over the place, which is what can be observed today.

The Dynasty ruled Arlathan for 1105 years since 402, and it presided over a unified Aquitania for 1397 years since 1507 until its extinction in the year 2904 due to the circumstances of the Second Schism. It is by far the noble house to have ruled Unified Aquitania the longest and also the first to do so. The family ruled the Kingdom of Arlathan, the state considered the origin of the Aquitanii Imperium, before assuming Imperial domination over the rest of the states in Aquitania. 


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