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Duke Rodrigo Steiner de Gomez with brother Duke Jasper Steiner de Gomez

Coat of Arms-1-

Steiner de Gomez family crest

The family is founded by Albert Halbert “the Bull” Steiner in the early Renaissance, almost 100 hundred years before the events of Camber of Culdi. Halbert conquers the area surrounding the city of of Hjaagradel and establishes himself as the first Count of Haldane in 1861.


Originally a Aquitane native, captured in Prague by Yugotarians during the Seven Years War raging in Auriga Bella at the time, he and nearly 400 others were dumped into the coastal region of Utica, Hercula Major while here, the men built a settlement, and began trading with the local tribes. During this time Albert and a troop of 40 traveled to the northwest and on July 12th, 1855 encountered the City of Kimimaro, met by people who spoke the same dialect of Yugotarian Spanish, initially alarmed, Albert attempted to run but found himself surrounded. He was brought before Warlord Dao Hu Jimenez, a Yugotarian by the name of Saint Javier Borgia, translated the meeting:

“Who are you? Pale faced warrior from across the ocean?” Said Dao Hu

“I am Albert Steiner of..Well it’s of no importance now; can you please tell me where I am?” Albert curiously pondered.

“You are in Kueton, my friend, Land of mountains, jungles and mysteries.” Dao Hu replied.”

Albert and his troop returned to their settlement, along with many curious Kuetonese adventures, and in time he was studying the language of the Kuetonese, along with the Calzadorian and Yugotarian dialects, Albert became famous for expanding his settlement to which the Kuetonese called Fredrikstad after Albert’s faithful horse Fredrick.

Noble Start of Albert

He was even chosen as heir to Kimimaro in 1859, then in 1860 he and a newly risen exploration group of 1000 came across the old stone city of Hjaagradel, overrun by the cannibalistic Khorkans (half human and Elven), Albert then fought in the Battle of Hjaagradel, killing Sjucid the Heart Eater in the stone throne room with his sword “Bucco”. After the battle, and the weeks of warfare in the jungles, Albert was proclaimed Count of Haldane, which is what he named the new Kingdom.

After Albert and Constantine founding



The Steiner de Gomez Family resides in the White Palace in Haldane, Fredrikstad, Constantine.


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