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The House of Hagoromo, called the Hagoromo Clan in Constantine, is one of 

Greater imperial coat of arms of nilfgaard by kriss80858-d5xitho

Seal of Hagoromo

the oldest clans to survive from the first era, they are manchuro in ancestry, but are just  as mixed as the rest of the nation. The Hagoromo tend to grow facial hair as a manner of style, and are male dominated bloodline which often conflicts with the open nature of the Empire.


The Hagoromo are distant blood relatives to the House of Steiner de Gomez, but have no direct bloodline to the House of Souza, athough some members have been adopted. The members of the Hagoromo are a notable family, usually consisting of military leaders, country club or private land owners. Members of the family share the same traits such as light blue eyes, and black coherse hair.

Top left:Yuvani Hagoromo, Top Center: Jaspee Steiner de Gomez, Top Right: Nicholas Souza and Center: Emperor Camilo Souza I


The Residence of the House of Hagoromo is in Kimimaro, Sergipe, Constantine. Although orginally they hailed from Massimoto.

House of Hagoromo Palace





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