House of Bragationi
Country Ruthenia
Titles Exarchos of Thracia
Count of Bagratea
Founded 2080
Founder Bartolomeo Bragationi
Current head Phillipos Bragationi

The Bragationi dynasty (Hellenic: Βαγρατιόνι) also known in English as the Bragations. Its the name of an old distinguished Ruthenian Magnate family, being among the oldest extant Christian royal families in the Empire. The members of this family bear the title count or countess (Komis/Komissa) of Kormenia and leaders in the Kormenian age as powerful aristocracy of Mauria. In modern times The Bragationi maintain a high status among the imperial aristocracy, relatives of the imperial family and other former Meteriote families.

Name and Origin


Bartholomeos Bragationi, the founder of the Dinasty

The Bragationi dynasty is claimed to be one of the oldest dinasties between the Mauryan and the southern region in Kormenia, serving the Kormenian kings and Ruthene Basileus over a millenium.

The first Bagrationis live in the Bagratea valley in the west frontier of the peninsula, where the founder of the dinasty, Bartholomeos served as a mercenary of the early kings of the Korimis, and in return, the king gave the lands near Bagratea, swearing to protect those borders with his life, he earned his Bragationi surname, meaning in the antique Korimi as "Son of Bagratea", his son Alessandro becomes one of the first Mauryan descent generals of Kormenia and served during numerous civil wars against pagans.


The Bagrationi family had grown in prominence by the time the Kormenian monarchy in the region, the Bragationis since then awarded numerous generals, merchants and bureaucrats serving the kings of Kormenia, being one of the most prestigious mauryan families in the country thanks to his dedication and imperial service.

After the fall of Beretea in 2588,in order to obtain greater religious and political freedom, many family members  traveled to Maurya and settled in surrounding villages of Arcadia, or aided the nobles of the region to establish the Maurian territories others stay and assimilate the millet system of the Parsian conquerors, later becomes a minor Meteriote family in the west of the country, making contact with numerous aristocrats and generals of Mauria and some Ruthene bishops in Mount Agios

During the oppression of the Parsians, The Bagrationi have a reputation of merchants and Dragomans[1] of the Parsian Sultans

During the Enosis, the Bragationi was one of the founders of the union and the leader, Manuel Bragationi leaded numerous battles against Mauryans and Parsians, after the liberation of the Ruthenes, the Bragationi recover all its greatness and were crowned counts of Bagratea, then as exarchs of Thracia, since then, the Bragationi moved to the new region and served the Imperial Family as one of the most powerful families in Thracia.


  1. A dragoman was an interpreter, translator and official guide between Parsian and foreign countries

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