The Highlandic Trading Bloc
Our United Highlands
 - Resources shared 75%
 - War 75%
 - Eviction 75%
 - Chairman 75%
 - New Rules 75%
Government Democratic Committee
 - Chairman Hariet R. Riley  
 - Formation 13th January 3514 
 - Federacy Act 1st January 3530 
 - Abandonement 13th August 3584 
 - Reformation 25th July 3674 
 - Total ~ 100,000,000  
 - Total ~ 550,000  
 - Percentage  ?%  
 - Total SC$~ 15.360T 
 - Production per capita SC$25,000 
Nominal Value US$960
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The Highlandic Trading Bloc is the respective common market and free trade area of Sovereign Federation of White Highlands. Initially created as a supernational and informal trading bloc between the countries of The Republic of White Highlands and the Union of Kinsek in 3514, it served as a precursor to a wider political union between the two countries and after the formation of the Highlandic Federation was disbanded in 3584 in favour of the Mandarran Highlandic Market. It was reformed in 3674 after a public referendum voted overwhelmingly in favour to reform the Highlandic Trading Bloc.

Primarily serving the function of Highlandic Isolationism, membership of the Highlandic Trading Bloc is exlcusive on the basis that only organisations and countries highly affiliated with the Highlandic Federation can join the organisation. The exception to this rule is the membership of The Grand State of Tinako, in which although is seperate sovereign state in it's own right retains membership of the Highlandic Trading Bloc through varying agreements.


Reformation and Revival ( 3675 - 3700 )

Post Salience ( 3700 -  )

Aims and Achievements

The predominant aim of the HTB was to achieve Highlandic Isolationism through the means of a preferential trading network across the varying territories of the Highlandic Federation and it's respective organisations. Initially during it's original inception, the HTB was used as a method of achieving an ever closer political union under the guise of 'Swamplandian Unionism' in order to create the Highlandic Federation.

Another aim was to reduce the demand for globally imported products such as important maintenance units and resources. This was to be achieved through driving up domestic demand for such businesses and have said to reduce imports globally by 60%.


The three original founding members of the HTB were formerly referred to as 'the original three'. These three countries were; The Republic of White Highlands, The Union of Kinsek and the Kingdom of Moon Dion. The Union Enactment Act 3579 along with the collapse of Moon Dion have meant that the original three no longer exist as sovereign powers. However they are continually referred to to reflect the organisation and relationship of the different countries in comparing the HTB in that time.

The current members of the HTB all with the exception of Tinako joined simultanouesly and thus created the HTB. The Grand State of Tinako joined a few years later.

Sovereign Body State / Organisation Accession Population (3715) Production (SC$)
Highlandic Federation The Republic of White Highlands 3674 41,835,389  225.89B
The Union of Kinsek 3674  220.80B
Highland Conglomerate 3674  -  668.03B
The Grand State of Tinako The Grand State of Tinako 3680 34,896,988  153.08B

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