Provincial States of the Highlandic Federation.

The Highlandic Provincial States, Federate States or Provinces as they are more commonly known as, are autonomous administrative regions within the Highlandic Federation. Untill recently these provinces had very little de facto meaning within the role of governance. However the Provincial act of 3536 gave away large amounts of national and federal power to local assemblies, thus creating Provincial Sovereignty.


The function of these states is primarily, the grant more power to the local assemblies via the devolution of powers from national governments within the Highlandic Federation. Characterised heavily by the influence of Confederal Unionism, it was believed that for such union to work the de-centralisation of governmental power would be required as a way of attempting to curb the amount of power one nation has over the over.

Another function of these states is also to actually cater for the diverse array of peoples and groups within the Highlandic Federation. For the Union of Kinsek and the Republic in particular this is a critical development, as both nations have historically suffered from civil divisions. Most notably the Kinsekian Civil War.

List of Provincial States

The list of Highlandic Provincial States are as follows:

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