The Health Index is one of the many indices you may find on your country homepage. It is calculated as a ratio between the number of hospitals your country has open and the number of hospitals your country needs. As the Health Index increases, the birth rate increases and the death rate decreases. This means your population grows faster with a higher Health Index.

This index isn't linear, meaning you won't get an index of 200 if you have double the number of hospitals needed. It also takes a few months to adjust itself to the new ratio of hospitals.

The graph for this index is similar to the function f(x) = \sqrt x. In other words, you'll have a high increase in your index as you approach the number of hospitals needed; but when you start building beyond that point, you'll notice that for each hospital you build, the increase in the index will be increasingly smaller.

As a point of reference, the index is 100 when the number of hospitals open is equal to the number of hospitals needed; the index is 200 when the number of hospitals open is equal to 2.4 times the number of hospitals needed.

A healthy goal to achieve is an index of 120. With an index this high, you will be able to reach Game Levels 2 to 10 with the normal requirements, and up to Game level 7 with the peaceful requirements.

Keep in mind that these hospitals cost money to maintain and build. So don't build too many hospitals or your country costs will increase.


Hospital Staff
Profession Quantity
Low level workers 300
Medium level workers 260
High level workers 210
Low level managers 250
Medium level managers 160
High level managers 85
Executives 11
Nurses 1700
Doctors 550
Senior Doctors 300
High tech engineers 110
High tech seniors 25
High tech executives 7

The table on your left shows the current staff a hospital employs as of February of 2013. Note that hospital staffing levels may change over the years as W3C changes the game.

War Hospitals

Hospitals can be converted into War Hospitals and vice-versa, at a rate of 10 per game month and when needed. Each War hospital can treat up to 1000 wounded. Of those 1000, each month 200 will recover and be returned to the workforce and 50 will die. Bear in mind that War Hospitals do not count towards the Health Index.

Special Clinics

Besides being converted into War Hospitals, hospitals can also be converted into Special Clinics and vice-versa, at a rate of 10 per game month. These clinics can rehabilitate 1000 disabled workers, of which 200 are returned to the workforce each month. But, you can only rehabilitate 40% of the number of workers you have in CEO controlled corporations. So, if you don't have any private corporations in your country, you will not be able to rehabilitate any workers. Special Clinics do not count towards the Health Index either.

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