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Following the election of the Vanguards in 3543, the Green Doctrine was announced regarding recruitment. The basic premise was that in order for the federation to remain sustainable, a threshold of fifteen politically active members must be met as an objective. It was announced by Green after he was reelected to council.


While many considered the 3500s to be a golden age for the Soviet Federation, the Vanguards made a point of emphasising the importance of recruitment in the crucial 3543 election. Following the electoral win, Green met with party officials and coordinators at a series of grassroots events. One of the major concerns of ordinary soviets was that the federation was stable but not growing. Green took a few months to reflect on this before announcing the strategy to the federation.


Andrew of the Vanguards was premier at the time and was already in the process of recruiting. The policy meshed well with exisitng priorities but also highlighted the degree to which the federation as a whole was concerned about expansion. The policy received minimal resisitance but did require that all soviet members take the time to engage in diplomatic missions to expand the federation.

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