Grandan Civil War
Rojasio Alzaro speaking in Carmes,3333

Rojasio and the CPGs proclaiming the establishment of the People's Republic in 3333.

Date  31 December 3328 - 9 January 3333
Location Republic of Granda

Communist Party of Granda victory

People's Republic of GrandaCommunist Party of Granda RGRepublic of Granda
Granda Red ArmyGranda Red Army
Commanders and leaders
Rojasio Alzaro Pablo Tirano (Escaped)
Marcencio Alzaro Franco Manuello (Escaped)
Raul Juancista Roberto de la Martinez (K.I.A)
Adrian Carlos Lugencio Marino (K.I.A)
Alejandro Marquez Gerardo Rosariez (K.I.A)
Gilberto de la Morre

Jose Alvarez (K.I.A)

Casualties and losses

Red Army : 20,000+ killed,wounded

    Republic Army: 1,740 killed , 8,000+ wounded and 20,000+ captured

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