Granda por Siempre also known as the "Granda will live forever" is the anthem of People's Republic of Granda it was used after the establishment of the People's Republic.
Anthem of People's Republic of Granda-300:59

Anthem of People's Republic of Granda-3

Granda por Siempre.


At 9:00 am of everyday, Every Granda people will all stand up and sing the national anthem to show respect to their country and commemorate their ancestors who sacrificed for freedom.Rojasio Alzaro had said about these respect that "Before we have today, once our land was on fire and that fire was set by the tyrant who want to control this country,but now it is over or not.However, the reason I was determined for everyone to sing the national anthem.Because I want them to remember that they have today because of who? I didn't want them to praise me. But I want them to remember the heroes who sacrificed for our country.".

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