The Security Council of Golden Rainbow deals with maintaining peace and security between nations.

The Security Council is automatically extended to 15 members. They are:

  • Presidents who are added to the Hall of Fame are member of the Security Council for 5 months.
  • Presidents who play Simcountry regularly. These Presidents are member of the Security Council for 2 months.

List of Security Council members on Golden Rainbow.

Term Ends President Leader Country
24 April 2016 Stephen Ryan
29 July 2016 Klstucker
10 May 2016 Roving EYE
27 April 2016 Fulco
23 May 2016 2screwed
30 June 2016 Michael Servus Dei Defensor Fideique Populi
31 March 2016 Rob kennedy
8 May  2016 jdlech
31 March 2016 Irial

31 March 2016


19 April 2016 Phil Phil
29 April 2016 Gaz
31 May 2016 Papastorm
1 May 2016 Elrood
21 April 2016 Bud Fwend

NOTE:Updated: 25 Mar 2015


Simcountry. Current Members of the Security Council. [1]. Access date: 03-25-16

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